Friday, March 11, 2011

ReInvention Begins with Self-Redemption

Ever come to a point in your life where you wake up and realize you've become someone you don't like?? I have. I had been in quite the funk over the past several months and until recently, I could not seem to shake it off. After the last of my close friends moved away, I found myself in a darker place than what I had grown accustomed to. No longer was I optimistic, happy, and concerned for my physical, emotional, and social health. I became withdrawn, pessimistic and betrayed my body in terms of health. Within just a few months, I had gained 30 lbs.

Well about two weeks ago I woke up one morning and realized I needed a change. This change was not going to be easy and would require a bit of hard work. This was quite an inspirational moment of reflection. I believe the best part of life is that each day can be looked at as a new beginning. Although changes, whatever they may be, are not immediate nor do they happen overnight, there is always a new day for a new beginning. No matter how hard we may fall, we are always given a chance for a new beginning. The first step is learning that we must forgive ourselves for our shortcomings, and recognize the chance to start over begins with self-redemption.

What is happening within your own life that you disapprove of? Perhaps there is a situation in which you have little control over. While life is abundant with obstacles in which we might feel powerless, take solace in the fact that you are entirely in control of your reaction to such a situation. Look at today as a brand new start and a brand new you. All of us have fantasies of who we would like to be. Perhaps we wish to be better students, better lovers, or athletes. In life, there are many times in which we might question how we will pull through. There may be times where all we can do is look at the process of life as a series of steps, and take each one as they come, celebrating each one as a victory. Although we will stumble, we will not let that stumble turn into a plunge. Live Every Day with Intention.

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Very good blog Nick and keep up the good work!