Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flashback: Mariah Carey Crashes TRL with Insanity; Ice Cream; & Stripping

Everyone who knows me knows I Love Mariah. In 2001, due to overworking herself, as well as music industry politics and drama surrounding her life, Mariah had a bit of a meltdown. The TRL incident, as well as some disturbing voicemail messages left for her fans on her website, foreshadowed her not-too far along hospitalization. Poor Mariah. At the time, it was quite alarming as a fan.

 Though the world made a laughingstock of Ms. Carey, as she definitely is a bit crazy (in a good way), it was clear to fans that had followed her career that something was clearly wrong (this was not typical MC craziness).  However, with Ms. Carey now in fine spirits and a glowing new mother, we can now look at this video and laugh at the craziness.

Yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of what may be TRL's most outrageous moment. For the nostalgia, here it is!!

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