Monday, August 27, 2012

Staying in Touch with Your Inner Child

I've been told several times by those older than I that I am too "soft" or too "naive".

People tell me I forgive others too easily and I'm setting myself up to get hurt by people. It's not a issue of myself being naive. I am well aware of what I am getting into with situations.

As children, most of us are very happy-go lucky, very optimistic, and very forgiving. Very Trusting. Obviously if we've had a traumatic childhood that is not the case. For those who have had more or less a happy childhood, have you retained any of that child-like wonder? I think that childlike innocence is extremely beautiful. And unfortunately, as we go through life, many of us become hardened by our life experiences. We are wronged, betrayed, and weathered by the cruelty and harshness life can sometimes dish out to us. We hold grudges, we become unforgiving, we become untrusting of others. Also, many people develop a bit of racism or negative ideas about certain races/cultures groups, if certain stereotypes are influenced in our direction. 

This is not to say one should allow themselves to be taken advantage of. I don't allow myself to be taken advantage of by people and never will. We can remove harmful individuals or those who have wronged us from our lives if we are being hindered, as preservation of emotional and mental health should definitely be #1. But... we should also forgive, for all grudges and hatred do are blacken our hearts and blindfold our souls.

I think it's heartbreaking. Obviously this world is not always a beautiful place, but I want to always retain a pure heart. I've never let myself develop that hard shell and I'm proud of myself for that. What is the point of holding grudges or holding hatred or disdain in our hearts??

I think it's healthy to retain a relationship with the inner child in all of us, and let him out to play once in while. As children, the world is a magical and wonderous place. Snow falling is one of the most beautiful and exciting things in a child's life. A trip to the zoo, observing an animal outside, discovering the beauty of nature, or experiencing the sheer joy and excitement and warmth of the Christmas spirit. These are simple things that some of us take for granted or grow numb to as we get older and are bogged down by relationships, work, driving, and finances.

But you know what? Next time the snow falls, don't complain about driving, or cleaning your car off. Instead go outside and build a snowman or have a snowball fight. :). On a summer day, take a walk through the woods and admire the beauty of mother nature. Don't send yourself into a frenzy during the holidays because of the impending debt or overload of holiday work you may experience...instead make a cup of hot cocoa, put on a beloved holiday CD, sit near the tree, and look through old pictures of holidays past. Lose the frustration, if just for a short while, and recapture the joy. 

Life is hard, but it is also relatively short. Feed your soul once in awhile and let loose now and then without the use of alcohol or other "adult-related" methods of letting loose. Cheesy, maybe. But most often it's the "cheesy" things in life that warm our hearts. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You have such a unique perspective on life. :)

Xander said...

Thanks! :). It's a challenge at times keeping it, especially during times like these. (The house I'm living in now).

Swansen said...

Never let go of that inner innocence no matter what the world, your objective reality around you tries to enforce. Unfortunately, we will be picked at by 'takers' and its not their fault, they don't even realize they are doing it. Its the sickness of the world as it is right now, to take the innocence from us. SO, no matter what, always keep that close to you, the more that innocence comes out and is spread around in the world, the more and faster it heals. :)