Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Driving Under The Influence

I have a question for everyone out there who has gotten behind the wheel of a car while not fully sober:

I've heard all the excuses and none of them seem good enough.

"I had to get home somehow"
-Okay, that may be true...but if you knew there was a chance you were going to be consuming alcohol, then you should have made arrangements prior for a designated driver, or public transportation, or made sure you could crash somewhere, or if close enough..walk. There is NO excuse for it.

"I wasn't drunk, just a little tipsy, I'm fine"
-No, you aren't fine...there is a reason it's called "tipsy"...your brain may not be as impaired as it would if you were wasted, but it is still in an altered, slightly depressed state. It doesn't matter how good of a driver you consider yourself or how careful you are...the fact is, many people get into accidents even while they are sober, the chances are significantly raised while alcohol is in your system.

This is such a selfish action. If someone wants to put themselves at risk, it's their choice, but when you get behind that wheel and onto the road when you are not sober, you have crossed the line and are now in the territory of putting others at risk as well. It's selfish. All because you wanted so badly to drink, and wanted it so badly that you didn't care to think how selfish, immature, and irresponsible it would be to get behind the wheel after.

Why is the drive to drink and to "have a good time" so strong that we don't care to take time to make safe arrangements to get home, or don't take time to think of how irresponsible we are if we don't?

I have a few friends who drive while tipsy, and some that drive while drunk. The tipsy ones claim that because they aren't drunk and they are careful it's fine. News Flash people: Nearly everyone who gets behind the wheel, whether tipsy or flat out drunk...believes themselves to be fine. There is a reason it is against the law to drive under the influence. That law isn't in place to annoy or frustrate us, it's in place to protect us.

To all of you who drive under the influence, I don't care if you are a close friend or not...I hope a cop catches you and gives you a DUI. I will not be sympathetic in the least. I have many friends who have not had any brushes with the law, and who drive under the influence on occasion. Sure, they don't make a habit of it, but it is something that should NEVER be done. Designated Drivers, Taxis, Walking, Calling Friends, Drunk Busses, Crashing At A Friend's place. There are other options avaliable, people. Use them.

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